Strategic consulting
Business development 

Our client :

Their issue :
Launch the BMW i3 in France. 

In 2012, BMW launched the new brand BMW i in charge of marketing their new electric vehicles.
In addition to the vehicle, the added value of their offer relies on a complete and innovative ecosystem made of mobility services. These services encompass for instance parking and charging of the vehicle in a public road environment. 

In this perspective, France, the 4th electric vehicle market in the world by its size, supported by major electric mobility and charging infrastructure projects, offered a unique opportunity for our client, both in terms of vehicle sales as well as in charging spots available for their customers.

The difficulty :
However, the fragmentation of the electromobile projects in France, the lack of information and specifications on charging stations as well as the dominating presence of electric vehicle carsharing projects hindered the sales and services offered by our client.

Our solution :
Thanks to our experience and expertise in France and worldwide, our strategic support offer followed 4 chapters :

- A complete market survey of the French territory to localize and identify the communicating charging stations that may be integrated to our client’s mobility services. 
- The identification of public and private electric vehicles charging networks in France.
- Strategic support in the election of partners and support in the negotiation with charging networks operators.  
- A complete description of the electromobile projects which our client may join to increase its visibility and vehicle sales.

The results :
At mission completion, our client oriented its strategy towards partnerships with charging operators active in 23 French cities where over 6000 communicating charging stations are installed.

The identified charging stations are now integrated in BMW mobility services ecosystem and directly available to their end-customers. During the year 2014, our client was also able to launch an advertising campaign underlining one of the partnerships.