Real-life operations

Our client :
International Trade Center Roissy

Their issue :
Set up a dedicated transportation service

Our client, a Brazilian entrepreneur developing high-end real estate projects, wanted to have a dedicated, intermodal, highly innovative and made-to-measure transportation service.
Dedicated to the hotel customers, the service is meant to offer ease of transport in the Greater Paris area and Sao Paulo, while also anticipate the access-controlled areas imposed by traffic management and the low and zero emission zones, where polluting vehicles are banned. 


Our solution :
VIPAIR-e developed and tested a transportation project using 100% electric vehicles, based on a vehicle fleet provided by Citroën, Opel, Nissan and BMW. Running on an operational fleet of 10 electric vehicles, with a fully licensed private-hire chauffeured service, this premium mobility service meets the needs of our customer to access low emission zones.
To recharge, vehicles use the Autolib charging network in the greater Paris area and the charging stations installed in public carparks to offer 24/7 rides, mainly in an intermodal service between airports and train stations.   


The results :
Used during the Paris fashion weeks, during major international events welcoming delegates from around the world as well as private individual premium customers, the system proved its efficiency and discretion to offer a premium zero emission mobility to drive from an airport to a congress center or the luxury malls and districts (Galeries Lafayette, Faubourg Saint Honoré.)

Presented to large corporations and administrations like LVMH and the Banque de France, it seduces thanks to its 100% electric offer and its pioneering dimension dedicated to a premium high-end clientele. 

Building on this first test, the project is currently under extension in in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Named PlugGo Mobility, operated in partnership and with the support of ALD Automotive, BMW do Brasil and VULOG. An API will position PlugGo as a unique premium experience provider combined with premium mobility. For more information on PlugGo Mobility, please watch the PlugGo teaser video in the portrait section.