Depletion of fossil fuels energy, ever-worsening pollution... The need to change for a clean-air era is leading to a revolution in transportation systems. While being more compelling for highly-impactful transport systems on the environment, regulations will accelerate the process towards the emergence of new transportation offers. 

Transport infrastructure will evolve (smart charging stations, induction charging, smartgrids, fuel cell technologies, robotics) ; new usages will emerge such as carsharing (Autolib, AutoBleue in France, Moovel in Germany…) and the roll out of 100% electric driverless autonomous vehicles.
Tomorrow’s transportation will be electrified and automated.  

Our answer : A.I.R
Autonomous - Intelligence - Research


Fully cognisant of all innovations and R&D on electric vehicles, with or without drivers, VIPAIR-e develops and provides Premium high-end and innovative transportation solutions.

  • Set up of 100% electric transportation schemes
  • Innovative / Unique / Clean / Modern / zero emission vehicles.    
  • Set up of transportation schemes with autonomous driverless vehicles
  • Private passenger vehicles / Cyberbuses / cyber cabs
  • Robotised solutions for currently driver-operated solution 
  • Large-scale real-life test and operations of 100 % electric and driverless autonomous vehicles

VIPAIR-e secures the implementation and execution of projects with electric vehicles and driverless autonomous vehicles.


Building on our experience and know-how in electromobile projects in France and worldwide, VIPAIR-e advises our clients willing to engage and commit into multi-sector high-end sustainable and intermodal transportation projects.

  • In-house strategic consulting and support  
  • Business development/ project development and management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technological expertise  
  • Market and regulation expertise 
  • Project value and ROI 
  • Project financing
  • Project specifications drafting, analysis of tender replies 
  • Opportunity identification
  • Innovation
  • Development of disruptive business models

VIPAIR-e supports and advises our clients throughout their entire project.


Thanks to our extensive and thorough knowledge of the stakeholders and market players (territorial collectivities, utilities, electric and driverless autonomous vehicle manufacturers, hotels, airlines, airports, metro, trams, railways operators, cruiseline harbours, luxury islands, the fashion and luxury industries, etc...), VIPAIR-e searches and finds the right project partners.

  • Identification and integration of partners (services to vehicle manufacturers, transport operators, charging stations manufacturers and suppliers, robotics companies, utilities)
  • Competences and capabilities management
  • Team master-building
  • Identification and integration of investors

VIPAIR-e aggregates competences and capabilities.