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Our client :
The Rambouillet territory and community of municipalities.

Their issue :
Develop an electric transportation offer in a rural area and provide new solutions to mobility needs.
The Rambouillet Territoire community of municipalities ( 25 municipalities, 58000 inhabitants) is facing, like many communities, the « last mile » challenge (zones not covered by regular public transportation and impossible to quickly cover by walk). In rural areas, at off-peak hours, public transportation schemes do not cover one part of the region to the other.
To deal with this issue, Rambouillet Territoire initiated the development of new car pooling and carsharing projects as well as introducing electric vehicles in the municipality, similar vehicles to the Autolib project: Bluecars.
The objective : offer an alternative to the private vehicle ownership and offer simple and easy transportation solutions to people facing mobility problems (the elderly, unemployed people, the youth…), municipality employees, associations and families.  

Today, Rambouillet wishes to set up a public transport solution for commuters going to the area of Bel Air la Forêt (ZA BALF).  
Commuters currently use a bus line from the Rambouillet train station and the ride is long. The objective is to offer an alternative solution and link the area of ZA BALF with a driverless autonomous shuttle.  

Our mission :
To offer this service, tests should be carried out to develop and learn the know-how of operating driverless autonomous shuttle. 

After supporting the Rambouillet Territoires in the project framing, in partners identification, in finding financing solutions and submitting the project to the competent test authorities, VIPAIR-e will support and participate to the test divided in 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 : test on a secured road thanks to the conversion of 1.5km on the D936, a community road. The test will take place on a closed road, which according to regulation, is identified a private site or a controlled area.
  • Phase 2 : Test on the road “la route du Bray”, a road classified as a meeting and exchange zone (Bel Air area and the Carrefour mall).
  • Phase 3 : Test on open roads

What is at stake :
Demonstrate the socio-economic benefits, safety and security as well as general adoption of driverless autonomous vehicles. 

Demonstrate the relevance of a usage scenario in a sub-urban environment, test passenger adoption and benefit from the return on experience of driverless autonomous shuttles operations.  

In France and Europe, this project will be part of the tests carried out within the France New Industrial Projects (Nouvelle France Industrielle).