Strategic consulting
Drafting of Project specifications 
Launch of tender 

Our client :

Their issue :
Improving sustainable mobility services integrated in their public transportation system thanks to the use of electric vehicles.  
Located in a world region faced with major atmospheric pollution, the megacity of Singapore had to develop a practical and environmentally friendly mobility offer, in order to remain attractive for its population, foreign companies and their expatriates.

The difficulty :
Aiming at remaining an innovation showcase in terms of sustainable mobility, Singapore launched, from 2011 to 2014, a first test phase. The results of this experience proved insufficient: the number of electric vehicles and charging stations remained at a much lower level compared to other countries supporting electric mobility.

The project did not meet the initial objectives.

Our solution :
VIPAIR-e submitted a strategic consulting mission to accelerate the roll out of electromobile solutions.

  • Completion of a worldwide carsharing benchmark using electric vehicles as for instance Autolib and Autobleue in France, DriveNow in the USA or Car2go in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Identification of innovative projects using driverless autonomous vehicles.
  • We presented to our client a panorama of current driverless autonomous vehicles (shuttles or private passenger vehicles) conducted by various vehicle manufacturers. 

Following this survey, we recommended to :
Integrate driverless autonomous shuttles in the public transportation scheme allowing the connection within intermodal nodes, feeding and connecting to the airport and the city center main stations. 

Launch an interoperable carsharing project for both « carsharing customers » and private drivers of electric vehicles.  

Our survey highlighted the importance of offering a charging solution meeting both types of vehicles and usages in order to avoid a proprietary system, a problem often developing in other electric vehicle roll out projects. 

The results :
Following this mission, the inter ministerial and multi-disciplinary team of Singapore under the leadership of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Economic Development Board (EDB) launched, (using our specifications and the innovative business model we recommended), tenders for an operational carsharing project to major players such as the Bolloré Group, Transdev, BMW, ABB and Bosch.